Minecraft Server Command List

Minecraft Server Command List.Breast & Door Lock.Lock the chest: .We offer the security of our players allow you to restrict access to the contents of the chest and the door.

To use, simply place the signs on the floor directly next to the crate or other container is locked. Enter the [Private] as the first line. Your own name will automatically be entered on line 2 as the owner of the breast. Optionally type the full name of the other two users are allowed to access the inventory of the breast in rows 3 and 4.

When done correctly, the sign will automatically repair itself the target side of the chest, protecting it from unauthorized access? Only the owner can then break the breast or chest symptoms.

Lock your chest Minecraft

Lock the door:

To protect the door, you can use the same way as to protect the chest, sign will attach to the automatic doors. In addition, you can attach a [Personal] wall sign for each side of the block just above or below the door. For double doors require only a portion of the sign.

Once the protected door that opens only to a person registered as a user, and does not respond at Redstone power or switch except [All] is registered as a user. Steel doors usually open from clicking will work together with wooden doors. Also the double doors will open together automatically!

You also can use the [Users More] signs such as chest, with the caveat that sign can not be put on the block above the door when [Private] sign on the door not too!

Lock your doors MinecraftA time can be set individually for each door to use the [timer: #] on line 3 or 4 a [private], where # is the number of seconds that the door should remain open. If the timer is set to 0, this means that the door was never shut down automatically. When the server is shut down or restart any open door is closed, remember that the initial state is assumed to be closed doors.

Care must me taken to the stable door protected block. Create a door on the sand, rocks, leaves, et TNT and allowed, but not completely guaranteed.

Economy & Money

In minecraftserver our money is gold ingot, we must use it to allow trade between players. If you need money to go and mine for gold ingots! To see how many gold bars that exist in your inventory, you simply type / currency note when typing the command just as the gold bar in your inventory.

If you want to trade with other players on their servers usually want payment in gold ingots, to send payments to them, just type / playername pay such amount of money / The money to pay them send 64 natbyte 64 gold bars natbyte from your inventory. Remember you can only send the total amount of gold ingots that you have in your inventory to other players.

If you need further assistance with the help of money just kind / money in the game.

Breast Store

You can only change the chest to the store by placing a sign in this block.

Shop chest Minecraft

When placing signs, write the name of the item as specified herein Shop Item Name chest, surrounded by square brackets in the first row. In the second line write the level you want to sell to customers and the third line write the level you want to buy from customers. Both lines are optional (although you will need at least one). The only requirement on the second line is that it contains two separate numbers, you can write things around or between them in whatever way you want, you should clarify what level of the show the channel. No need to write your name on the last line, this is done automatically cut off the names of old players when needed.

The store owner can add a gold ingot (when you buy from a customer) and item (when selling to customers) to your chest and then store it in the store by clicking the right Mark breast. If an item stored in the chest and gold ingots are added, the item is actually placed on the chest (the owners of the notice in the chat - see picture). So be sure to right-click again to return the item in the chest. It is true that part of the following steps.

Shop Minecraft chest

When the audience is the right-click on the chest and no items in their breasts will be notified about the tariff and the number of items and gold bars are available in stores.

Customers can purchase something from the chest to store (if enabled) by placing a gold bar on his chest and then right-click on the sign. If the amount of money placed in the chest does not fit judge, or a customer trying to buy more shares are present in the chest, the money will remain safe in the chest. Make sure not to right click twice quickly or you can sell goods only receive today, more likely to rate your favorites, you will lose gold. In the same way a customer can sell the item (which store to purchase from the customer) by placing them in the chest followed by a right click.

Sign Minecraft Color Server

Our server allows for text signs with color. Please read the instructions below on how to use colored text on your signs when playing in minecraftserver.com. We allow all players to the server to add color to text for the signs. Just use the & character followed by a hexadecimal digit (0-f) to give the remaining lines of text color. Using & in other states will retain the symbol &.

Text Color From Your Signs Minecraft

Add colored text to sign:

& 4 # # # WARNING # # #

Mining & 6Land

So & Ecareful

(O & fdie & 0)

Results in:

Light Dark Signs Miecraft

Minecraft Server Chat Channels

In Minecraft servers we use channel-based chat below is a description of command and how to use it. As a builder you have the server Minecraft-channel switch that you can join and leave at will. Always listen to all the channels that you joined. Two channels are common global (g) and local (l). When you log in you start to connect to the default channel global (g) If you talk to everyone in the server can hear you. But if you change the channel to deliver local / ch l, a player only in the range of 40 blocks can hear it is a chat server locally. Unique private chat channel can be created and each player could join them providing they know the name of the channel is created. All the channels are stored only in memory, so everything is reset when the server is not independent of international standards (g) and local (l). Such channels, the channel you joined also removed the default between playing sessions.


l: local chat channel, the channel permanently <username> represented as plain text.

G: Global chat channels, permanent channel is represented as text color [global].

The command:

/ Ch [channel]: Change your current output channel.

/ Let [player]: Use as an alternative to / MSG

/ Fills [channel]: Leaves of the channel.

/ Ch <page> list: List all available channels can be found as well as your current channel.

/ Ch: List everyone in your current channel.


L The name of a special channel for local chat.

* Sample output

l: <natbyte> White Text

Custom: [Tag] [natbyte] blah blah.

* Tags: When the channel is created at run time, the tag is given the first letter.

Minecraft Stargates

Minecraft Server also supports the stargates. The building is in the game allows you to create a portal to a variety of destinations.

Build a stargate portal:


O O - This is a block of obsidian. Need 14.

YES - Put a sign on one of the two blocks of obsidian



Sign in Layout:

- Line 1: Gate Name (Max 11 characters)

- Line 2: Destination Name [Optional] (Max 11 characters, used for fixed-gate only)

- Line 3: Network Name [Optional] (Max 11 characters)

- List of 4: Options [Optional] (admin option is used only once)


Minecraft stargate mod

Using stargate:

- Right-click to select the destination sign.

- Click the left button to open the portal.

- Step through.

Stay stargates:

- Fixed the gate like a normal gate, but can only go to a destination and always will remain open.

- If you create two fixed gates that lead into one another, you will have a two-way portal.

- You can connect a normal gate to gate, or other fixed Gates can link to another fixed gate etc. You can not link the gate normal to a fixed gate though.

- Create a permanent gate is the same as a normal gate, but you must set goals in the second line.

Gate network:

- Gates is part of the network.

- You can specify (and create) your own network in the third line when creating a new gateway sign. You can leave it blank for the default network.

- Gates in a network will not see the gate to the second network

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